Moomah the Magazine - Escape Winter

May 26, 2013


At this time of year on the east coast, we are beginning to get over the beauty of the winter and are pining for those summer days once more. Unfortunately, we know that we still have another two months before we can venture outside wearing a few less layers. This is why February and March are very popular times for beach resort escapes. We love to dream up all of the places we could be, on a beach sipping cocktails, maybe even reading a book, and in our dreams we like to do it all in luxury. Sometimes, however, luxury is not as affordable as we would have hoped, though depending how great a transformation we experience, it may be just what we need.

Our friend Michelle from Azurine Travel has broken it all down for us. She's worked with us to choose resorts worthy of a splurge, featuring incredible ammenities you just cannot get elsewhere, as well as some more realistic options (special in their own right) with similar charisma at a more affordable price. Michelle knows we are picky about aesthetics and luckily she is too, choosing Bohemian, Architecturally Unique and Beach House resorts, that are all beautiful and unique. If you are looking for places with style, comfort and warm weather, we have all of the options laid out for you, with or without kids.

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