Moomah the Magazine-Ultimate Travel Guide for Dad

Jun 5, 2013

Most heterosexual dads don't always get their way when it comes to vacation spot choices. This is usually because a woman, with other ideas of what equals fun, does most of the planning (and that's how she likes it). Sure, some of us ladies think about the men in our lives when planning our holidays. While we're pre-booking our spa appointments, we wonder if he would ever consider getting a facial? We worry that he might be upset that the SPF we got for the trip has a shimmer effect. And after we've hung up the phone with the concierge, we realize we should have probably checked which sports channels were available at the hotel. Oh, he'll be fine.

But with Father's Day just around the corner, why not plan a vacation spot specifically with Dad in mind? Something rustic and manly. Somewhere he will get to do really macho things because he thinks you think that's hot. And when he thinks he's hot, he is.

Our lovely friend Michelle from Azurine Travel is back, and she has mapped out some of the most masculine yet beautiful places for you to consider as a treat for Dad.

* Don't worry ladies and kiddies, Michelle has made sure that while Dad will be feeling like it's all for him and his manly ways, there are goodies at each place for you, too.

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