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Aug 14, 2013

Updated, August 1, 2013—The promise of fresh, open air has a way of calling us out in droves, especially on sunny afternoons and warm evenings. Festive gatherings and intimate dinners come alive when they’re hosted in the grand, inviting home of Mother Nature—and what a fabulous host she can be.

If you ask us, summer isn’t complete unless we’ve spent sufficient time outdoors at a variety of bars and restaurants, each outfitted with perfectly landscaped terraces, cosy seating areas, and refreshing drink and menu options. To help you find the best in al fresco nightlife, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite rooftop bars, from New York to Mumbai.

What could be better than catching up with friends or meeting new people beneath the warm night sky, surrounded by stunning views, with an ice-cold beverage before you? You’re right—better make that two.

Many of you shared your picks for the world’s best rooftop bar on Facebook. Here’s what you had to say:

“Sevva in Hong Kong!”
—Daniel Birkner

“Easy—Hotel Danieli, Venice.”
—Sean Taroli

“My favorite is The London, West Hollywood, CA.”
—Jamie Fryer

“Conrad in New York”
—Ryan Christensen

“Concorde La Fayette, Paris”
—Waleed A. Alghamdi

“Jimmy’s in Aspen.”
—Rod Thompson

“Casa del Camino rooftop in Laguna Beach”
—Ashley Bruno

“At.mosphere Restaurant and Lounge at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai”
—Roderick Murré

“Hotel de Rome—Berlin, Germany and Waldorf Astoria Berlin—Berlin, Germany”
—Simon Behrens

“Four Seasons Istanbul with amazing view of Blue Mosque!”
—Heidi Schuster Helfst

“My husband insists it’s 360 Istanbul!”
—Lillian Agola Wood

“The Roof at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut”
—Rosemarie Saad

“Four Seasons Hong Kong”
—Gurung Bindu

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